Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More stuff...

So here are 2 links...
One is to the worldwide pinhole site where one of my pinhole images was posted...

The other is to a video of our class in Paris made by Prof Rich Gere who is great...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I make pinhole...

for national pinhole day!


So I just returned to Lacoste from an amazing trip to Paris.  We arrived on Wednesday and left on Sunday.  Jonathan came to met me there and we stayed in an apartment that belongs to my friend Elizabeth (thank you so much!).  We spent our days wondering loads of museums as well as getting to know the Paris metro which was surprisingly easy.  Jonathan made me an amazing home cooked meal which I needed desperately.  We shopped at the local markets, ate tons of cheese, practiced our french (and some spanish), and got lost in some gorgeous neighborhoods.  I decided that I could definitely live in Paris.  Unfortunately I hear it's super hard to find a job or else I'd be totally into it.  Maybe in a few years...  It also reminded me how much I miss city life.  This village stuff just isn't for me.  
Sorry these pictures aren't really in any order.  It's pretty tricky to post them on this thing.  I'm doing the best I can.  
crazy installation exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo
mmm dinner
Versailles- the hall of mirrors

that installation again

more Versailles...

mom!  this is the cafe we sat at across from Notre Dame!
more Versailles

... i was alone

So there are some pictures.  I have a lot more if anyone is interested.  I also have some panoramas...  

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another day at the market in Apt.

Hey friendship!
So, today I went to the market in Apt again and actually had enough time to do a little damage (thanks for the dough pop).  I walked around alone for about 3 hours and had time to take a bunch if pictures.  I've been walking around with my camera constantly around my neck and just shooting from mid-stomach.  I haven't mastered the positioning quite yet but i think I'll figure it out soon enough.  This is the way Helen Levitt used to shoot a lot of her street photography.  people tend to not notice if you just look the other way as opposed to kneeling down and focusing and stuff.  
I finished "100 Years of Solitude" the other day.  Really amazingly beautiful story.  I highly recommend it.  I started "The Bell Jar" and was able to finish it in 2 days.  Another good one.  It's nice to have a lot of free time to read.  I'm going to start reading "1984" tonight.  I can't believe I've made it this far without having read it.
The only other thing that's going on is that I'm trying to get this website thing under way with a little help from friends...
That's all for now I guess.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nimes and other old stuff...

Ok so last post until my next adventure.  These are from a trip we took on Friday.  We went to Nimes and Le Pont du Gard which is this crazy bridge like structure aqueduct thing built by the Romans. Absolutely insane considering they just marched into the wilderness and decided to make it happen.  Unfortunately my camera died when we were still in Nimes so I had to use my point and shoot for Pont du Gard.  Nimes was pretty rad (I'm running out of adjectives).  I'm not great at explaining things but I took some pictures and stuff and here they are.  We also climbed to the top of Mont Cavalier to Tour Magne (great tower) all in all covering over 200 steps.  Also in Nimes there was this amphitheater from the second century. Wikipedia says it's the best preserved amphitheater in France... Anyway, pictures...
outside the amphitheater.

inside the amphitheater.
from the top of the great tower.
old stuff.
where I'm living after I graduate.
check that out.  wow.
I think this is supposed to have water in it.
pretty intense.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


These are a few pictures from a class trip to Oppede which is about 20 minutes away.  It is a small town that looks a lot like the village in the cartoon version of beauty and the beast.  I've been really sick for the past week and this day happened to be one of the worst so I only walked around for a half an hour or so before I had to take a break and treat myself to a crepe with nutella.  There were tons of super amazing houses, bright, vivid, and diverse colors and vines growing up everything.