Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something Dear

I LOVE musical theater. I also LOVE the ballet AND the opera. I was pretty much raised in the theater. My mom was a costume designer and I spent every summer at a performing arts camp. Although I never participated in acting classes, I spent the time in dance classes and working in the kitchen. There would be a show every few weeks. A musical, something Shakespearean, and a dance concert. It was AMAZING!

So now I seek solace in the theater. No mater what show I see, I cry. Doesn't matter what it's about. The second the orchestra starts, goosebumps. It's one of my favorite feelings in the world. Stephen Sondheim, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Leonard Bernstein, Noel Gay, Claude-Michel Schonberg, John Kander, Fred Ebb, JEEZ I could go on and on. The pure genius is just fucking astounding.

I have a strange urge to see The Nutcracker this season. The Nutcracker is more popular and has more seasonal productions in America than any other country. EVEN RUSSIA! I haven't seen it since I was like 6. After the show my mom bought toe shoes signed by whoever the ballerina was in the show. They were meant to be kept as a souvenir however that sort of thing would never fly with me. I insisted on wearing them CONSTANTLY.

I digress... I've never seen Madame Butterfly or Swan Lake. These are things I want to do in 2011 or 2010 if I'm lucky. I also want to see Carmen again. I remember studying Georges Bizet in a music theory course. He started studying at a music conservatory before he was 10! I'm so behind.

If you can stomach it, here is a beautiful song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's, "Carousel". The clip is from the movie which wasn't half bad. If you hate musical theater, don't bother.

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