Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Santa

Is it totally awful of me to be thinking about a Christmas list? I know I won't actually get any of these things and honestly I'd rather save and buy them myself (martyr lie). I have nowhere to put them and even if I did my car isn't big enough to move them in 6 months but lets just pretend.

I think that I NEED a fig tree, right? I love how many things you can do with them! Raw, baked or preserved. They harvest twice annually, they're pretty and they're so good for you. Have you every just stuffed one of these babies with cambozola and rosemary then drizzled olive oil? Heaven!

I LOVE SANDWICHES! If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life and it couldn't be pizza, it would be sandwiches. I used to have a sandwich maker and I literally had dreams about using it and all of the different combination's I could try! I think that particular sandwich press is now in my mothers garage somewhere and although she would tell me to dust it off and take it with me, I won't because it's probably gross. What I would REALLY like is to upgrade to a beautiful old cast iron one but after extensive google searches I've realized that's not likely. I think it's one of those things that you spot at tag sales but can't google (if that's possible in twenty-ten). Until then some sort of situation like this could do ...

Let's talk about how freaking amazing this tea kettle is! First of all, it's Le Creuset which is basically the best (and prettiest) kitchen wear money can buy. Second, do you see this color?! Wow. This is one of those items that can be passed down from generation to generation. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandmothers Revere Wear that has been passed on to me but this just brings things to a new level. And, if Santa should take the time to travel all the way to the Le Creuset outlet in South Carolina, it probably wouldn't kill him to pick up one of these. I have casseroles to make this holiday season!Clearly I'm totally obsessed with kitchen items but I need to get real here for a minute. For the past 4 years I have had the luxery/curse of owning a digital SLR. While luxurious because it takes beautiful picture, it's kept me from being able to justify buying a point and shoot and because of it's size I never actually end up bringing it anywhere. So the time has come for me to purchase something that I can put in my bag and actually use. I've been scoping out the Canon G10, G11, etc. for a few years now and up until recently it just kept getting better and better. Suddenly they decided to make it so you can flip the screen out which I'm really not that interested in. More things for me to break. So now is my chance to jump on it and buy last years model.

I'm almost ready to wrap this thing up and ship it off but this list wouldn't be completely without my very favorite thing that I've seen in months. First I have to tell you, I love being in bed. I love eating in bed, watching tv in bed, lounging and buying things on the home shopping network from bed. I'm actually in bed writing this blog right now. I have no need for desks or couches, I just need a cozy bed. That being said, I think it's completely appropriate for me to want to drop $260 on these sheets and an additional $280 on this duvet from Dwell Studios. I'm generally an all white and soft sheet set kind of girl but I saw these sheets on one of my favorite blogs, For Me, For You and I think it they changed me! Maybe just for winter...

Again, the problem with all of these things is that I have absolutely nowhere to put them but I can dream! Someday I'll settle down and go on a mega shopping spree.

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