Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Colorado Part 2

The past week has gone quickly and better than expected. I’ve been eating like a king, seeing old friends and enjoying a lot of time to myself. On Monday we started the day by heading up Buffalo Pass to shoot guns for a few hours. I’m not sure if I’ve shot a riffle before but this is what I learned, they’re heavy.

We drove a winding, rocky dirt road for twenty minutes toting three riffles, a 6 gauge (I think); a 30 ought 6 and a 22. My last gun shooting experience was in Savannah, GA with Lauren and Brian Newton at a shooting range so naturally I wore skinny jeans and flats. We hiked in about five minutes over natural springs and snake holes to set up some targets putting to use a few old beer cans. This is the closest thing I’ve seen to recycling since arriving. I shot the 30 ought 6 first. It was the heaviest, the loudest and had the prettiest bullets. I don’t know how old any of these guns were but they were beautiful. I’ve always had a fondness for firearms, their strength and the craftsmanship of the gunsmith. So, now I want one.

After a couple of hours we were hungry and had been eaten alive by all sorts of flying insects so we headed homeward and grabbed some lunch, a margarita and a nap, resting up only to enjoy one of my favorite activities as of the past month which is going to the theater to see Harry Potter. I think I have a problem. This was my third time seeing this movie and I cried (again) practically the entire time, which is really embarrassing.

We left the movie theater starving and remembered that the amazingly wonderful Paula and Steve (Jesse’s parents) had left two trout that they had caught that morning in the fridge. There are many things that I love about Jesse but his ability and willingness to make me a beautiful feast in the middle of the night tops them all. So this is what was on the menu: fried trout, grits, biscuits and collards. All cooked to perfection. Unreal.

I think that’s been the best day so far. Here are some pictures and videos of the drive up Buff Pass, Jesse and Nale (pronounced Na-lee). I didn’t tell you about Nale, she’s my friend Joe’s daughter and she’s absolutely perfect. I only got to spend a couple days with her but she totally blew my mind.


Buff Pass Drive:


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